Letters: Justified rejection

To the students denied access to protest the celebration of a Jewish holiday, I have extra meal points saved to buy each of you a box of Kleenex. To assert that the executive director of Hillel’s responsibility to preserve the sacredness of a religious experience is wrong or even racist relegates your “movement” even further into oblivion.

If Hillel wishes to open its doors to celebrate the Sabbath with other Jews from Israel, they have every right to embrace the tenets of the Jewish faith without protest.

Also realize that it hasn’t been very long since a group of Jews congregated to observe their faith during Passover last month in Israel and were attacked by a Palestinian suicide bomber. So, if you are going to call GW Hillel’s door a “checkpoint,” at least be fair and remember that checkpoints only exist because of terrorism.

With that being said, any guests from Israel, soldiers or not, provide a valuable insight to help American Jewry further appreciate how fortunate they are to not have to fear terrorism when practicing their religion and only have to deal with the protests of people wanting to destroy democracy and freedom in the Middle East.

So, next time you want to trample a Jewish holiday, please realize that the only area occupied by Jewish people are the seats at Hillel, and only because its members wish to practice Judaism, not defame it with protests.
-Adam Chandler
vice president, education and action

Jewish Student Association

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