Letters: American media bias

The American media is quick to talk about suicide bombings in Israel but fails to mention the dire conditions of the suicide bombers. I am in no way condoning suicide bombings. But I am pointing out that these people do not enjoy killing themselves, they do it because they feel it is one of their few, equally unattractive options.

Any such violence is wrong, but it is not just a barbaric act without cause. The media also talks about the dozens of Israelis killed or wounded by “Palestinian terrorism.” But they conveniently leave out the fact that more Palestinians are killed in the violence than Israelis. That is often what happens when your ammunition is a stone and you are facing a gun.

The issue of a Palestinian state and Israel goes beyond religion. It is a matter of respecting humanity and providing justice. If the issue were purely religious or ethnic, only Arabs and Muslims would have shown up to support the cause.

But many non-Muslims and non-Arabs came, proving that this is an issue of humanity and justice, not religion or ethnicity.

The media is fueling the idea that this is purely a religious conflict. For this issue to be solved in a just way, the media needs to stop portraying it as a purely religious issue and start showing it as an issue of humanity and fairness.
-Benish Shah

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