Staff editorial: Woo-Hah!

Having Busta Rhymes as the main attraction for Spring Fling is a great choice for students and a major accomplishment for the Program Board. Fresh off a 30-date tour promoting his new album, Genesis, Busta Rhymes brings an energetic act with wide appeal. He is perfect for Spring Fling.

Some students are understandably getting tired of hip-hop acts at GW. The past two Fall Fests and last year’s Spring Fling featured rappers, which are generally easier for PB to book than rock ‘n’ roll acts. In the D.C. market, GW competes with other venues for large rock acts, including well-known venues like the 9:30 Club and the MCI Center. PB Concert Chair Josh Bhatti says rock bands, fussy about their acoustics, would rather not play in an open Quad or street. So Busta Rhymes is a great Plan B.

It would be nice if PB could get well-known rock bands in the future for balance. But it is not for lack of effort that has disabled the PB from booking rock acts like John Mayer, who was rumored to be booked for the spring festival. The Bloodhound Gang’s performance in spring 2000 serves as a good example of rock talent well-received by GW.

But getting Busta Rhymes for Spring Fling is nothing to pout about. His newest single, “Pass The Courvoisier,” is 19th on MTV’s top singles list. He has recorded six albums – most breaking into Billboard’s Top 10 – since emerging in 1996, and has worked with R&B superstars like Mary J. Blige, TLC, A Tribe Called Quest, Janet Jackson and others.

If GW students are bummed about another hip-hop act in Foggy Bottom, we suggest they note that the University of Maryland just snagged Wyclef Jean for a substantially larger audience.

Struggling in the past to find acts everyone can enjoy, PB has succeeded in finding a popular one this year. Hip-hop’s pervasive appeal on campus is undeniable, and PB should continue to get the best act they can get – whether it’s hip-hop or rock.

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