Letter: Unknown saying

It was refreshing to hear the April 8 (“Meet Adam Putnam, the youngest congressman in office”) interview with Adam Putman (R-Fla.), who at age 27 has accomplished a great deal. I was heartened to learn that age cannot get in the way of a dedicated individual committed to public service. In our troubled times, this serves as an inspiration and proof of the fact that we at GW can indeed shape the future.

There was, however, one minor inaccuracy in Jason Safdie’s lead-in. Winston Churchill’s “old saying” to the effect that non-liberals under age 30 lack heart and non-conservatives over 30 lack brains cannot, unfortunately, be attributed to the World War II prime minister. This is a popular mistake and is straightened out at the Churchill Center’s Web site. Indeed, Churchill himself was a conservative at age 15 and a liberal at age 35.
-Matthew Waters

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