The Film Buffs: Seven

Long Story Short:

A psychotic serial killer murders his victims according to the Seven Deadly Sins, apparently misinterpreting the Sixth Commandment.

Alan Says:
Seven (New Line Cinema) is one of the most gruesome and depressing movies I have ever seen. The story moves slowly, it’s always raining in the background and there is very little light in the indoor scenes. It’s depressing and more than a little disturbing. The truth, though, is that you’ve got to love it anyway. The darkness of this movie is what catapults the plot, making it a great film.

Morgan Freeman’s grizzled veteran detective is perfectly paired up with Brad Pitt, the new guy on the force. The two slowly uncover the pieces of a methodical sequence of killings. Pitt is impressive, but Freeman is my favorite character in this movie. He successfully reprises his role as a wise old man as he portrayed in Glory and The Shawshank Redemption. Freeman uses subtlety and preciseness to his advantage. He doesn’t say much, but when he opens his mouth you’d better listen. He is the perfect narrator to this disturbing story. You should check this movie out, but don’t watch it alone, in a dark room or directly after finishing eating.

Jeff Says:
Hands down, this was the best thriller of the ’90s. Yes, even better than Silence of the Lambs. Both have a similar approach to the terror, going for less of the gory images and more for psychological horror. But director David Fincher (Fight Club, Panic Room) has the unique dark vision to keep the gore in the shadows and the shadows in your memories.

Although Morgan Freeman has seemingly been pigeonholed (“The Wise Old Owl,” as I like to call him), he’s someone who can always be counted on to give a more than solid performance. Seven serves to prove both parts of that statement.

Brad Pitt always plays the coolest characters in the coolest movies and does so with the utmost energy, believability and conviction. In 1995, he was early in his career though, and people were too busy labeling him a sex symbol to notice that he was establishing himself as one of the best actors of our generation. He’s the film’s real standout. The third actor that completes this powerhouse triumvirate is an Oscar winner who shall remain nameless, as it’s a cool surprise in the flick – a usual suspect, if you will. This one is a must-see for all you terror seekers out there looking for a good time.

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