Letters: Neglected sponsors

The April 8 (“Freshman Block Party makes chilly return”) article is perhaps the greatest example of poor journalism I have ever seen and is the last straw in my book of poor journalism.

First, the article never stated once who the sponsors of the event. If your reporter cares to note, WRGW provided the concerts and the Community Living and Learning Center put together the whole event. The Program Board and the Student Association simply donated funds.

Second, does the article have a point? Only 1,000 students attended the concert over all, and students were upset about having to use points for their food. That is what I got out of it. No one is ever happy on this campus. That is nothing new!

Third, how on earth did this article get on the front page? Putting something like this next to an article on worker’s rights and the Middle East is just poor understanding of story placement.

At a time when so many issues are important in D.C. and so much is happening on this campus, the need for students to be informed is crucial. It is The Hatchet’s responsibility as a paper to provide this information to the students since your paper is obviously the way students claim to get their info.
-Julie Butler

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