BAR BELLE: The Bar Crawl

Where: lots o’ places
Getting in: Easy, if you’re 21
Prices: Specials everywhere
Food: bring your own
Dancing: only in the streets
Pluses: drinkin’ in the afternoon

This weekend shall never be forgotten. It was the weekend of the Bar Belle’s inaugural crawl. She didn’t think she was going make it because the cherry blossoms have been kicking her ass and leaving her in a catatonic-like state, breathing with her mouth wide open. But somehow, by divine intervention, she was well enough to participate in this oh so momentous event.

The sun was shining, and she was ready. At first, there was difficulty in finding the perfect outfit to suit the drinking marathon ahead. But with her quick fashion wit, the Belle figured she should dress much like she was going to an amusement park: wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes to accommodate the day of walking, waiting and riding.

The day held so much anticipation and the Belle wanted to be there from the beginning. She and her friends arrived on the stroke of two .

There was the man in pink who caught her attention. She wanted to take her cup and follow, but was sucked into the Sign of the Whale for quite some time. Then somehow she ended up at the Front Page, where she managed to get into a fight with one friend when she wouldn’t drink out of a dirty cup. The general consensus? If you’re going to pee in a Port-O-Potty, you can drink from a somewhat soiled cup – end of story. The day ended with a second visit to McDonald’s. The Belle was asleep by 9:30, knowing her commemorative cup sat like a trophy glistening on the kitchen table.

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