Letters: PB rocks out

The Freshman Block Party is just that, a freshman party. It was planned by freshmen for freshmen (“We Wanna Ride, April 4). Upperclassmen were invited to come by and enjoy the concert, but they were not the target audience. It’s not as if upperclassmen have been attending every year and suddenly this right was taken from them. If you even remember the last Freshman Block Party, you went when you were freshmen and now the current freshman will go. Get over it.

The blame that The Hatchet staff placed on the Program Board for this event being open only to freshman, and the implication that this is somehow the result of an unused concerts budget, is simply an uninformed opinion. The unfortunate cancellation of Counting Crows was not a money saving event for the Program Board, but instead caused us to generate less revenue this year than expected.

The “vastly unused PB concert budget” is a fallacy. PB is proud to have brought Redman to Fall Fest and scheduled and contracted a Counting Crows show for the fall. We have two big concerts coming up later this month.

Everyone is invited to the April 27 Spring Fling for food, amusements and live music. In the end, it will cost over $50,000. This is the PB budget at work to create an all-inclusive celebration.
-Alicia O’Neil
Program Board executive chair

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