Letter: Funny, not crude

Can the GW community lighten up just a little? It seems as though every week a GW student is complaining about how an article offended them in some ridiculous way.

To say that The Hatchet loses credibility because it has a little fun on April Fool’s day is just absurd. In fact, many publications, as well as comedians, have been huge successes for their not-so-clean humor. Sure Bill Cosby was a genius and a comedian for all crowds, but Eddie Murphy is surely one of the greatest comedians of all time, and he is hardly clean in his material.

Furthermore, Maxim, Playboy, Rolling Stone and even Cosmopolitan have built some of the largest subscription bases in the literary arena by examining sex and using vulgar language.

So I say let The Hatchet write what they want in the name of comedy, because everyone around here could sure use a little humor to make GW a little less boring.
-Richard Gendreau

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