Letters: Snatchet distasteful

I am a transfer student and went to read The Snatchet on April 1 only to find it full of vulgarity, massive sexual innuendo and blatancy. This made me very mad. Do you feel that this type of material enhances your credibility as a journalist? If anything, it damages it severely.

This shows a great deal of immaturity on your part to publish this type of material as a joke. Not only that, it demonstrates, in a significant way, your staff’s lack of imagination in coming up with good, clean humor. In addition, it demonstrates what your staff must be really imagining.

Have you tried good, clean humor before? You know it can be done. Bill Cosby has a huge following and most, if not all, of the humor he employs is good, clean and decent.

You claim that The Hatchet is independent. But how independent is it really if you feel that the only way to get a readership is to pollute their minds with this garbage?

Many media personalities claim that the media has no impact on society. I would beg to differ. You have a bigger impact than you may realize, and if you are thinking about going into the big leagues, this trash doesn’t fly in those arenas.

Try being a little more independent and please try to make next year’s April Fool’s Day edition something that everyone can read and not have to edit on their own.
-Aaron J. Aisen

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