BAR BELLE: Daedylus


Food: nope
Dancing: oh yeah, baby
Pluses: drinks weren’t too pricey
Minuses: way too crowded

Just to set the record straight, the “Bar Ho” was not the Bar Belle. Those of you who are avid followers of this weekly masterpiece would obviously know it wasn’t the Bar Belle due to the lack of detail to clothing, hair and insignificant particulars that make this column so great. Plus the fraternity boy scene was so last semester.

Anyway, Thursday night came. Nobody wanted to go to Lulu’s (does anyone go there anymore?), so we were stuck lying around tossing ideas around. To be honest, the Bar Belle really didn’t want to go out, which is weird considering it was her favorite night of the weekend.

Earlier in the week she had committed her Thursday night to some new friends, but as the week progressed she had every intention of forfeiting to Must See TV. Somehow they found her phone number and called the Belle, and there was no backing out. So she was stuck going to Daedylus (sounds like “dateless” when said real fast).

The place was packed and everyone there was from Thurston (perhaps that is a generalization, only about 76 percent of them were Thurstonites) which just made the Bar Belle feel down right old. The best part of the evening was getting her underage roommate drunk and seeing her give out a bogus phone number to a guy who was putting on his best Enrique Suave moves but in reality was a total dweeb.

After about an hour the Bar Belle declared, “Drunk people are so obnoxious” and wanted to leave. You see, the Belle made a pact with some friends that she could get through a few weekends without hitting the bottle. The problem with this agreement is that she realized that drunk people are really annoying.

Hopefully when the Bar Belle goes back there, she’ll be drunker than a damn skunk and then maybe it won’t be so bad. Until next time.

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