THE BAR HO: Ho gets fucked up

Well girls, the weather is warming up outside and you know what that means – time to get slutty! Needing to break free from the winter blahs last Thursday, the Barhoe traded her black pants for a booty-baring miniskirt and hit the town for some springtime fun. Ready to party, she went searching for just the right mix of and alcoholic bliss and frat-boy gang banging.

Starting off in old favorite Thrustin 607, the Barho and her two equally lycra-adorned companions sampled the local flavor before heading out to to the frat house to really live it up.

After a few beers at the house, and a quick rodeo ride with the new pledge class (oh they’re so cute, and they can afford to buy their friends) the girls got antsy to get their groove on, out of bed.

Unfortunately, this is where the drinking divas’ memories get a little fuzzy. Dancing? I guess. All they seem to remember is that they were looking fine! These girls decided, in their drunken stupor, to hit the Dance Spot sampling all three floors which each featured their own types of dry sex with complete asshole strangers. A few ass grabs and complimentary vodka and Red Bulls later, they were getting down, and going down, on the dance floors.

The Barhoe dimly remembers one fine young gentleman who treated her to a cosmopolitan and a nasty grind session. Seemed like a nice guy, the kind you take home to mom. Alas, the plastered princess had to respectfully decline an invitation back to his Thrustin Hall room. She only fucks guys from New Jersey.

The energy of the night was not lost, however, as the trashed trio decided to stumble back to campus by way of Dupont Circle. Again, the details are lost, but at least two of the three found a trail of urine leading from their doors to their beds. The blitzed beauties decided to turn in, but not before stumbling past the roomies for quick 16 hours writhing over the toilet.

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