More sappy movie bullshit

Following the box office and critical success of A Beautiful Mind, Hollywood studios are rushing to release a number of other heartwarming movies based on the lives of famous psychopaths. And following director Ron Howard and producer Brian Glazer’s trailblazing move while making A Beautiful Mind, studio execs are not bothering to actually read any background information regarding their chosen heroes.

In the upcoming Stars in My Eyes and Carved into My Forehead , starring Freddie Prinze Jr. as Charlie Manson, producers from Twentieth Century Fox chose to focus not on Manson’s death cult but instead on the undying love between Manson and Sharon Tate. The film’s end will not focus on the brutal murder of the pregnant Tate by Manson’s followers, but rather it will feature an image of Manson and Tate sailing off into the sunset.

“We wanted to make it a story about love, not about a murderous maniac and a helpless woman,” producer Michael Holstein said. “Just as A Beautiful Mind chose to personify mathematician’s John Nash’s romantic endeavors in one noble woman rather than in the two gay lovers and the mistress who fathered Nash’s bastard child, we want to show Tate and Manson’s romance in a way a Midwestern audience largely ignorant of any history prior to 1992 can understand.”

“And anyways,” Holstein argued. “Who knows whether or not they may have loved each other? Even though there’s no proof that they did, there’s no proof that they didn’t other than Manson’s involvement in her horrific murder. I like to think that they shared a heartwarming few moments that movie-watchers everywhere can understand, particularly those movie-watchers who nominate films for Academy Awards.”

Another film slated for summer 2002 release is Gacey: Tears of a Clown on the Grave of Dozens of Young Boys Buried Under His House. Ron Howard is in talks to direct.

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