Letter: Let us know

In the past few weeks, there have been some pretty startling stories from GW – most of them were unsurprising to the student body that is now inundated by administrative screw-ups and cover-ups. First we learned that some rooms in New Hall, a supposedly strictly sophomore-free hall, had double-assigned rooms.

Why is this? Because GW, in their constant theme of pandering to the highest bidder, had allowed sophomores to buy their way into some rooms. I know because I was double-assigned to room 306. Then we find out that the University makes room for the double-assigned students by ousting those assigned from the University Honors Program. Although this is denied by administrative officials, who apparently consider the students to be gullible morons.

This came just a few days after the announcement of a 4.9 percent tuition hike next year, bringing questions about why GW does not have a larger endowment. Where does that money go? In a history of excruciating tuition hikes, we still have not cracked into the top tier of colleges, prompting the question: is our money here worth it?

Then we have the Elliott School of International Affairs debacle of dumping confidential files into a bin easily accessed by anybody who happened to be walking by, including bank and checking account numbers. And the University will most likely be asking those students for money in the future.

And last week, we received the University policy on closing out the semester, which clearly states we all have to be gone within 24 hours of our last final.

If the University wants to squeeze another 4.9 percent from us, they might try and keep us informed of vital information, such as the finals schedule, in a timely fashion.
-Steven Butterfield

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