Column: A historic moment for the SA

There is something to say about being a part of history. No one can deny that the past two weeks have been nothing short of amazing. For the first time while I have been at GW, students finally seemed to care about their student government. This is evident by the sheer number of people who voted in the Student Association presidential run-off election, which had more people voting in it than the actual election a week earlier. Such a feat is unprecedented.

Such an improved turnout is due to two reasons. First, there was a great debate of issues among candidates, while at the same time an avoidance of the typical soap opera drama. Next, students discovered that every vote does count and is the only effective way to improve campus life.

This awesome accomplishment was made by the people who matter most at GW – students. I am proud of all the students who took the initiative to vote, making their voices heard. But students wouldn’t have been compelled to take part in this year’s elections if it weren’t for the candidates. I really tip my hat off to all those who ran, especially to SA presidential candidates Josh Singer and Dani Greenspan.

I am extremely grateful to Greenspan and his loyal supporters. Greenspan’s infectious positive spirit and his uplifting campaign message of making our student government work for students demonstrate that his candidacy was the result of a deep love for students and campus life. I want to thank Greenspan’s camp for having enough confidence in me to be their next SA president.

I congratulate Josh Singer, his campaign staff and loyal supporters for running a competitive campaign in such an historic election. It was one hell of a race. Together, through a competitive run-off, we were able to once again awaken students and show them that their SA is a beacon of hope. I look forward to not only reaching out to all of Singer’s supporters, including them in the great year ahead of us, but also to making them proud to call me their next SA president. To put it simply, we must remember that there is more that unites us than divides us.

I want to send my heartfelt thanks to my campaign staff, volunteers and supporters who constantly demonstrated their unconditional support by going to the polls and by offering encouraging words and warm hugs. Without your belief in me, and my message of going back to basics to make the SA serve students, my victory would not have occurred.

In the ensuing weeks, I look forward to working with the Kapoor administration to implement a smooth transition. By working with the student body, I intend to appoint cabinet members and other committee positions in a timely manner. By working with SA President Roger Kapoor, I plan to continue his administration’s positive initiatives while at the same time implementing new initiatives, such as a Student Help Hotline, Diversity Affairs Commission, Student Organization Master Calendar and monthly town hall meetings around campus to better understand students’ needs.

At this particular moment, we are at a crossroads. Through such an historic election, we have been given a golden opportunity to improve campus life and school spirit. Together, let’s seize the moment and make our SA more accountable, responsible and respectable.
-The writer, a junior majoring in finance, is SA president-elect.

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