Letter: Standard policies

I am responding to The Hatchet Feb. 4 (“WRGW gets on board with new basketball policy”) because several aspects of the story disturb me.

The story contains several inaccuracies. The statement attributed to WRGW broadcaster Vinay Murthy that I did not begin to enforce the “players only” travel policy until after GW’s Jan. 9 loss is simply untrue. As head coach of GW’s men’s basketball team, an essential part of my job is to increase the program’s visibility. Therefore, distancing myself and the players from the media and the GW community runs directly counter to an important job responsibility.

I have never viewed the women’s basketball team, The Hatchet or anyone else in the GW community as “outsiders.” Rather, I see us all having a role to play in contributing to the overall success of GW. You happen to write for the campus paper; I coach men’s basketball. Just as it would be inappropriate for me to direct you in how to do your job, it is equally inappropriate, especially in print and without my input, for you to question my motives for doing my job as I see fit.

Throughout your article, you state that everyone you interviewed understands and respects that the men’s basketball program is neither obligated nor responsible for the media’s travel. I fail to see the point of the story unless it is to express your personal dislike for me and my policies, which, as you reported, are the standard policies of nearly all Division I university programs.

And finally, the obvious difference that my policy has anything to do with our current losing streak is offensive and irresponsible in my opinion. It is my hope that future Hatchet articles on the men’s basketball team will reflect a greater commitment to objective reporting and newsworthy issues.
-Karl Hobbs
head coach
GW men’s basketball

Editor’s note: WRGW student broadcasters reported that they travelled with the team until Jan. 9. Hobbs said in the story they road without his knowledge.

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