As I See It: Election over, but bitter taste remains

The election is finally over, at least we hope so. You know with Student Association candidates these things can drag on for weeks, but it appears that Phil Robinson has grabbed the $11,000 prize.

You can’t help but feel bad for Josh Singer. He had the absolute elation of winning only to have one vote thrown out, forcing him into a run-off he ultimately lost. My advice: Josh, get down to the University Club on Thursday night.

The announcement that Robinson was the new president created quite a frenzy in the Marvin Center Thursday night with additional University Police being called in with reports of people throwing chairs, kicking doors and punching walls. It got so bad that UPD asked the president-elect if he wanted a ride home. I thought the next riot was going to stem from Tyson-Lewis; it seemed as though Singer fans wanted to upstage that highly anticipated event.

The campaigns this year were a little lackluster. I don’t think anyone knew a thing about Robinson apart from the fact that they were with him. But Singer’s plan was worse. He put up posters around campus to remind already bitter GW students that they are not in the top 50 in the hopes that they would vote him into a position that would be all but powerless to affect the rankings.

Then there were the ridiculous poster wars. “Still with Phil” signs went up, and the next day a sign pops up underneath: “No, with Singer.” Guys, real mature. My suggestion for a poster for Robinson would have been a big smoking Philly Blunt saying, “Phillin’ Fine!”

Singer, already thinking that he is running for president of the United States, boldly declares on his run-off posters that he won the popular vote the first time around and he will do it again! Popular vote? What other type of vote was there, the Electoral College?

It was like Bush v. Gore all over again. The Singer campaign suing the Joint Elections Committee in Student Court and screaming voter disenfranchisement after the fact. Rather hypocritical, considering that this is the same Singer who said this year’s election should not resemble last year’s legal mess.

Then there is the new Executive Vice President Eric Daleo, who by virtue of people just not wanting his job (no shock there) landed a cushy office and $5,500 in his pocket. Daleo surely takes the “takes himself too serious award.” I guess his mouth fails to work, because he felt compelled to send out a press release following Robinson’s victory expressing his willingness to work with the president-elect. The EVP doesn’t work with the new president; he works for him. Daleo can work for Phil or get out of the way.

But Daleo is no stranger to ridiculous politics. If he’s not off wasting $3,000 on pointless referenda, he’s up to something wasteful elsewhere. Daleo is widely known to have called poor little Dani Greenspan and threatened to make his SA future hell (God forbid). The new EVP vowed that he would use his position as Senate chair to make sure he did not get confirmed to a position, if he was appointed. Watch out, I can already see the blood dripping from the stab wounds in people’s backs next year.

That brings us to one of the real winners of the election – Dani Greenspan. Standing up to the big boys by not cowering to their threats, Greenspan ran one hell of a race and shocked everyone with his 17 percent of the vote. I hope Greenspan represents a slightly better future for student leaders of GW by working hard and staying clear of the rhetoric.

The “lucky devil award” goes to Robinson, who was considered the favorite going into last week’s elections but almost blew it. Now comes the hard part: he’ll have a stubborn EVP at best, a not-so-friendly Senate and J.P. “the eternal senator” Blackford to deal with. You think I’ve been here forever? Blackford has been here since 1991.

Now that the elections are gone, what’s next for Singer? My best bet is that he’ll join my good friends Jeff Marootian and Bob Simon on the Student Court where he may ultimately be deciding next year’s election contest between Dan Moss and Dani Greenspan.

-The writer, a GW presidential administrative fellow, is a former SA president.

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