The Film Buffs: Die Hard I vs. Die Hard III

Die Hard I

Long Story Short:

Bruce Willis saves Nakatomi Towers in Los Angeles. German terrorists are no match for him, and neither is Carl Winslow – the guy from “Family Matters.”

Alan Says:

First off, I’d like to say that I enjoy the entire Die Hard trilogy. In my humble opinion the original is the best. Here’s why:

Die Hard follows Bruce Willis’s John McClane, a New York cop who runs into a few German terrorists in L.A. The individual struggle of Willis’ character is the highlight of this movie; he doesn’t need to rely a sidekick to help his cause like in Die Hard With a Vengeance.

The plot of the original is simple: Willis vs. Alan Rickman and his band of terrorists. There are no riddles or complex twists like the sequels, just lots of guns and explosions (not to mention a smooth limo driver named Argyle). The third installment of the trilogy is a great movie, but for a better action experience stick with the original.

Die Hard III

Long Story Short:

Everyone’s favorite hung-over tough guy John McClane takes on gold-stealing, bomb-planting, cop-killing terrorists in NYC. This one’s for the ladies.

Jeff Says:

This is the best movie in the trilogy. What makes it superior to the original? Three points:

 The story. The third has a clever storyline, with John becoming the terrorists’ puppet. Plus, it takes place throughout the city, giving it a more epic feel.

 The action. Again, the first set many standards in action sequences. But the “big” action scenes are few and far between; most are him running and shooting. In this one, scenes like the flood in the aqua duct, the subway explosion and the bridge-to-boat wire drop are not only over the top but plentiful.

 Samuel Jackson. Oh, like this needs more explanation. Add this man to wasabi, and it’ll cool down.

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