The Bar Belle: Andalu

Where: 1214 18th St. NW
Getting in: carded at the bar
Prices: kinda steep
Food: nope
Dancing: you betcha
Pluses: The music was good

Last Tuesday night there was a blackout in New Hall, and good ole’ University Police wouldn’t let anyone in or out. After waiting outside in the cold for a good 15 minutes, the Bar Belle decided this was a good excuse to go out. Unfortunately, she had on clothes she had worn to the Hell Well earlier and obviously didn’t have access to her closet. So she tried to convince her roommates to throw an outfit out the window. That endeavor failed due to the lack of clean clothes . so the Belle was stuck with a frumpy outfit, no make-up and no products or tools to fix her hopeless hair. But she did have a credit card handy.

A friend graciously lent her an outfit complete with handbag and boots, and they headed to Andalu.

No kind words, no even-tempered statements to be made. It was a bad idea and we payed for it dearly. Andalu sucked. Practically everyone there goes to GW, and the establishment was a bit confined so that made it even less cool.

But there was plush seating with equally lavish throw pillows that made the Bar Belle think about laying down and taking a nap. I guess if you need a place to crash for the night this one might suffice.

Drinks were around $10, and they were made with crappy vodka.

The only good thing was the music. There was all sorts of international melodies along with the standard American favorites.

Overall this place wasn’t that great. Kind of a bore even for a Tuesday night out on the town.

Go to the Whale if you want to go out on a Tuesday and pay $4.25 for a big plastic cup with $2 refills of selected beers. Only go to Andalu if you need to take a quick nap before hitting up your real destination for the night.

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