Staff editorial: No exceptions

Josh Singer and company were not satisfied when the Joint Elections Committee rightly threw out an invalid and late proxy vote for Singer. So they did what candidates often do when they know they are wrong but refuse to accept it: they went to Student Court to attack the JEC charter.

Thankfully, the Student Court made a wise decision and upheld the JEC ruling. A verdict in favor of Singer would have created an unprecedented bending of the rules after the fact.

Students studying overseas and those students on leave from GW are the only ones eligible to vote by e-mail, according to JEC rules decided before the election. Allowing Francisco Semiao’s tardy e-mail vote to count would be wrong on two counts. First, his vote occurred past the deadline. Second, he does not fall into one of the two categories affording him the e-mail privilege.

Attempts by Singer to make Semiao’s vote count is a last-minute attempt to squeak his way into the presidency. The 2000 U.S. presidential election fiasco exposed the nation to enough legal pitfalls to last several lifetimes. The GW community needs no more antics or election scandals.

Having the run-off election solves the problem. Thankfully Student Court judges were able to dust off their robes and make their first decision of the year a good one.

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