Burying the Hatchet

My boyfriend is really small down there and he’s really embarrassed about it. I told him that size doesn’t matter, but he won’t even let me take a shower with him. How do I make him get over this fear?
– Little things

He sure is making something really small into something really big, huh? No seriously, why don’t you just ask him why he feels so insecure about it. Maybe a past girlfriend said something really traumatizing to him, or perhaps you made comments without realizing it that have made him feel unsure of himself. The only logical thing would be to just keep giving him positive reinforcement, other than that this is something he needs to get over. Everyone has his or her snags, and this is obviously one of his. If he can’t get over it, you need to decide if you can deal with a guy who is insecure about his penis.


When my boyfriend and I first started dating I was a virgin. It hurt a lot when we first had sex, but I expected that because it was my first time. The problem is we’ve been sleeping together for over eight months now and it’s still really painful. None of my friends have this problem, so is there something wrong with me?
-Ridding the pain

Plenty of women experience routine pain during sex, and the causes could be mental or physical. Physically, you might be really small. This means it would hurt you more than the average woman. See your gynecologist if you think this might be the case. A doctor can tell you ways to decrease the pain. Mentally, you might stress out before you have sex, causing the blood to leave the area below and travel to your brain. This would make you abnormally dry. If that’s the case, you need to either a) relax and figure out some way to make your body calm down before sex, or b) buy some lubricant like KY Jelly (Provisions even sells it, so you can use points!). Sex should be an enjoyable experience, not something you dread.

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