Letter: Unilateral diplomacy

I was very pleased to read Nizar Wattad’s incisive and thought-provoking Feb. 25 Hatchet forum piece (“Israel’s perilous path to war”). Wattad has done the GW community a great service in bringing to light the Palestinian side of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a side he correctly asserts is too often neglected or glossed over in this nation.

The United States seems singularly determined to prop up the Israeli regime and keep it friendly to U.S. interests at any cost and regardless of international concerns. Indeed, the United States sends roughly $6 billion to Israel each year, and it continues to send more money to Israel than it ever has to all of Africa, belying the comforting myth that America always acts in the universal or humanitarian best interest.

That the United States continues to act in a unilateralist fashion, ignoring the condemnation of the United Nations and our allies in the European Union, indicates America’s unwillingness to be a true partner in global peace initiatives, which is regrettable for all concerned.
-Jon K. Williams

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