Letter: Room cost hidden

I think that the Community Living and Learning Center and the University are being dishonest with students about housing prices for next year. The new housing prices were not posted on the CLLC Web site until Friday afternoon, two days before the rising junior/senior lottery.

Most students do not even know that all room prices have been increased by almost $600 for next year. This is a huge increase if you look at the percentages involved. For example, a New Hall quad costs $7,490 this year. Next year, it will cost $8,070. This is close to an 8 percent increase in the price, which is much higher than inflation.

Also, many rooms that had different rates based on the number of people living in them have changed as well. A Francis Scott Key triple now costs the same as a Guthridge Hall double. I think the University could have publicized the increase in housing rates so students really would know what they would be paying.

It appears the University does not care that it has already raised tuition by 4.9 percent. Now it must raise housing prices, too? The least the University could do would be to do it legitimately, where students would actually know what they would be paying.
-Abbey Rathweg

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