Where: 1350 Okie. St, NE
Food: nope
Dancing: you betcha
Pluses: down right cool
Minuses: can get pricey

The Bar Belle apologizes for her brief respite. She needed a week to detox from a hard-played weekend. But baby, she’s back in the saddle again. A little dumber maybe, but it’s nothing a little gingko biloba can’t fix.

The requests for a review of Dream have been numerous, so it was decided she would give it a go and haul herself out of midtown for once. After making the key connections, the date was set for Saturday, and the perfect outfit was found.

With smokey eyes, stick-straight hair and a pair of black pants that hugged her ass like snot on a sleeve, the Bar Belle was ready for anything. Unfortunately, the cab ride over kinda freaked her out. The cab driver was nice and all, but while pointing out all the abandoned buildings and boarded up warehouses, he explained that Dream was in the middle of Hell.

The Bar Belle and her companions were let in immediately (a person in the group had special status), but the line wasn’t too outrageous anyway. The cover is $10 until midnight, when it goes up to $20. Not bad considering Lulu’s costs 10 bucks and has the potential to suck.

The inside isn’t like a club such as Platinum. It is hard to explain, but it is way better than other places because it was so chill. The people there weren’t so skeazy, the guys actually said “Hello” before they grabbed your ass. And there weren’t too many of those.

Michael Jordan has been spotted there several times and surely there were other famous people, but the Bar Belle is so oblivious to her surroundings that she probably wouldn’t know a famous person if she saw them. The Bar Belle was on the lookout for prostitutes. She has never seen a professional up close before, and she was curious to see them in action.

When she asked her friend where the professionals were, he explained that they were everywhere; he was a professional, his friend was a professional and most of the people there were professionals. Obviously he didn’t realize what she was talking about . once he did, he told her that their hangout is the bathroom. The women carrying book-bag-sized bags made a little more sense then.

Overall the night was worth it. The cab ride cost about $15, so split that between five people and it wasn’t so bad. Drinks were $8-10, but they were made with real vodka instead of the Zelko crap you can get on sale at Tokay. It was fun living large for one night, it felt like prom. But to be honest, this girl prefers a booth at a bar with a pitcher of beer any time.

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