Burying the Hatchet

My friend recently started seriously dating a guy at GW. Now every time I call her to get together she is canceling on me for him. I don’t know if I should say anything because I don’t want to sound like the jealous friend, but her actions are really beginning to hurt me. Should I bring it up or just see if it gets better?
-In the Dust

Almost every girl you will ever meet has dealt with a friend who had dumped her for her boyfriend. It completely sucks, but most likely your friend doesn’t even realize what she is doing. She is probably caught up with her new love and all the new responsibilities that come with having a boyfriend at school that she isn’t thinking clearly. You can’t get mad at her unless you make her aware of the way you are feeling. Explain to her that you are happy she has found someone but, even though she might not realize it, she seems to have forgotten about you. Hopefully she will open her eyes and start changing her ways. If not, then you can get mad. You find out who your true friends are once they get a boyfriend. Just consider this some weird test of your friendship. If she’s a true friend, she’ll listen and pass with flying colors.

* * *

I’m pretty sexually conservative and have never really been open to experimenting in bed. My friends were talking about using toys during sex, and the idea of using a strap-on with my boyfriend started warming up to me. I don’t know how to approach him because I feel a little shy and embarrassed. How can I get the conversation going?
-Feelin’ Kinky

There are not many guys who are going to scream and run away when their girlfriend says they want to try something in bed. He will probably be pretty excited by your initiative, so you should not worry much about it. Seeing as you are hesitant, why don’t you whip out Cosmopolitan magazine to get some tips on different sexual positions? Once you ease onto the topic, just keep going. Be like, “Hey, that position looks really fun. Do you ever think about experimenting with different stuff like that?” Even if he rejects the strap-on idea, I’m sure there are things he’s been wanting to try that might sound just as fun to you.

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