BAR BELLE: Mister Days

Originally Published 02/14/02

Mister Days
Where: Clarendon, Va.
Food: yup
Dancing: yup
Pluses: No cover
Minuses: A lot of older people

The Bar Belle has heard people talking. yes, she has heard the criticism about her choice of bars. Her advice? Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it. Also, there has been much speculation as to her identity. That shall remain a mystery, but here is one hint . she is who you least expect her to be.

Thursday night was particularly brutal, as Thursday nights usually tend to be. The Belle should have known the night was going to be tough when her favorite bartender welcomed her with a smile and some shots. But the good news is that she woke up Friday morning, alive, alone and in her own bed.

Anyway, Saturday night brought a great debate on where to go. A friend suggested Mister Days . yes, there is another Mister Days and it is in Clarendon. So, with two other girls, the Belle decided to give this Days a try.

The outside is reminiscent of the old Days. The girls waited in line a good 20 minutes before getting in. Not fun, but there was no cover charge, which is always good. When the Belle stepped through the threshold, the memories of “Days past” came rushing through her mind: the altered International Student Identification card used as a fake before Metropolitan Police cared, seeing a friend make out with Coolio in the corner, mooching shots off dopey old men and a bucket of ponies for six bucks. It’s better not to ask too much about my memories at the old Days.

The new Days, although fun, came nowhere near the celebrity status of its predecessor. It has potential to be fun, but its location is not conducive to a drunk college crowd trying to find its way home after a long night. The inside is a lot bigger than the old Days and has two levels. The music wasn’t the same. there No Britney, but there was a lot of disco.

All and all it was just OK. It is closer than going somewhere like Adam’s Morgan, but there weren’t that many bars around, and the area was slightly sketchy. If you decide to go, get a big group of people and it might resemble old times.

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