Newman aware?

The Hatchet reported Jan. 22 that the Newman Catholic Student Center was participating in the annual “Pro-Life March” on the National Mall (“Newman Center to hold walk for protest,” p. 3). Father Rob Panke was quoted saying it was a “peaceful protest to Roe v. Wade.”

What The Hatchet did not mention was that groups that use harassment, violence, intimidation and other non-peaceful methods to prevent access to clinics supported and were active in the annual march. Several of the groups in attendance go so far as to support the murder of abortion providers, claiming it to be justifiable homicide.

If these groups are dedicated to reducing the number of abortions performed each year, perhaps their time, energy and resources would be better spent educating people on methods to prevent pregnancy and not using terrorist tactics like bombing clinics and assassinating doctors.

-Amber M. Noel

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