Letter: Fan of the city

I read with interest The Hatchet’s story on the increase in number of applicants for next year’s freshman class, as I am one of the more than 10,000 applicants (“GW applicants increase,” Oct. 25). While some might be, I am not surprised by this phenomenon for what I think are two very important reasons.

The first I’ll call resolve. I think that I can speak for my class, and perhaps my entire generation, when I say that we are resolved not to live in fear. Washington, D.C. is our city; New York is our City. Despite my mom’s urging, I do not wish to seek the perceived safety of a rural campus at the expense of losing the opportunity to absorb all of the culture and experiences that a city like Washington has to offer. I believe that Sept. 11 has created an awakening of sorts, including a renewed interest in and desire to be a part of our great cities.

Perhaps even more importantly, with the vision of becoming a dot-com millionaire having faded into dust and with the current massive layoffs on Wall Street and Main Street, some of our best and brightest high school seniors may be thinking public service is worthwhile after all. There can be no better place to prepare yourself for a career in public service than an elite university in the heart of our nation’s capital.

-Jennifer Winter
GW freshman applicant

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