Stealing music

In the light of the recent thefts of musical instruments on the GW campus, the administration must face several important questions. How will the University compensate the music department and the students who have had instruments stolen?

In The Hatchet’s Jan. 17 article, “Thieves Steal Instruments,” UPD Director Dolores Stafford said that Risk Management would decide the matter of compensation. GW may not be entirely familiar with the issue of liability. Under laws that anyone can understand, GW is fully and completely liable for the loss of the school’s and students’ instruments, as well as responsible for tightening security in the Academic Center and the music department.

As one of the students whose instrument was stolen, I empathize with Ms. Solow’s comment about losing a child. My trumpet has been one of my most valuable possessions for eight years now – in both monetary and sentimental value. As a result of the University’s lax security procedures, my trumpet is now gone. I do not have the funds to replace it. Until I receive roughly $1,500 in compensation I feel I am due, I have no means of pursuing my love of music and contributing to the University’s cultural life.

-Jenna Kwiatoski

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