The Bar Belle: Cassava

Where: 2411 18th St. Adams Morgan
Getting in: carded at the bar
Prices: cheap
Food: nope
Dancing: yup
Pluses: multicultural

The night was young and held a world of possibilities. Well, sort of. It was Tuesday night and the Bar Belle was in a pissy mood. You see, lately she has been looking for love in all the wrong places.

The cure, they say, is to drink – a lot.

The Belle heard about 99 cent pints at Cassava in Adams Morgan and that sounded right up her ally. So, with that in mind, her group departed from Foggy Bottom and went across town to Adams Morgan.

Cassava was slightly hard to find – you had to go down steps to reach it, and there were a lot of sketchy people outside. Behind that front door, the beer was cheap and flowing, so we went on through.

There was a reggae band, but there weren’t many places to sit, so the girls stood there, slightly lost in the environment. The Belle ordered a beer and drank it quick because the others wanted to leave. It was a short visit.

The Bar Belle would definitely go back there. The 99 cent special lasts until midnight on weekdays, and it was an intimate atmosphere, so people might feel intimidated by that.

Cassava isn’t the typical GW place, so don’t wear tight black pants and carry a Prada bag. This place is for talking and drinking, and that’s about it.

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