Letter to the Editor: End peace talks

When 25 Israelis were killed last weekend by three suicide bombers, the Palestinian Authority signaled they were no longer partners for peace with Israel. Rather, the PA believes the only way there can be peace is if Israel is destroyed and replaced with a Palestinian state, which they claim is their right. They shed their blood for land they claim is rightly theirs, yet they seem to forget the reason they lost that land was because they unsuccessfully invaded Israel three times. To give back that land is like saying Germany can have back parts of France. It is just not plausible.

I believe, though, that the Palestinian people do have the right to live peacefully, side-by-side with their Israeli neighbors in one unified state. Israel has been willing, but the PA has refused to negotiate a deal. Their unwillingness to do so has brought about this new wave of terror, and while they claim to be “strongly against” these acts of violence, words are not enough. The only way such violence can stop is for Israel to finally eliminate the PA and deal with another entity in bringing peace to this region.

-Jason McCaffrey

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