Crime Log

Attempted Burglary
12/3 – Ames Hall mailroom
The sliding glass window of the Ames Hall mailroom was pried from its frame. Nothing was taken from the mailroom. Open

Destruction of Property
12/1 – Thurston Hall
No identifiable suspect Closed

12/1 – Thurston Hall Open

12/4 – Somers Hall
No suspects or witnesses Closed

Disorderly Conduct
12/5 – Thurston Hall
Referred to SJS Closed

11/30 – Off campus
A female student reported that she lost her wallet in the Marvin Center on Nov. 27. When she attempted to cancel her credit cards, an unspecified amount of unauthorized charges had been made. Closed

Liquor Law Violation
12/1 – 21st and F streets NW
Referred to SJS Closed

12/1 – Thurston Hall
Referred to SJS Closed

12/3 – Off campus
Subject Arrested Closed

12/2 – Off campus
A male student reported that his roommate threatened him to force him to leave their 22nd St. apartment. A new apartment was supposed to be set up for the student in time for him to move in December but was not ready in time. According to the student, his roommate told him “Get off my back or I’ll take you off my back.” Closed

A female student reported that she had endured a series of threatening incidents involving a male non-student, whom she met at a nightclub in January. They had a relationship, which she attempted to end on Nov. 7. He came to City Hall Nov. 14 and called her from the outside callbox, demanding that she come outside. She did as he asked, and got into his car. He locked the doors and drove to his apartment. On Nov. 15 he threatened to shoot them both. The student had previously seen a weapon in the male’s apartment. On the same day, he dragged her by the hair across the street. He appeared again Dec. 3 in his car outside of City Hall. The student has been advised by police to change her telephone number and has been given the opportunity to get a temporary protection order, similar to a restraining order.
Referred to MPD Open

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