Prosecution Drops Senior’s Assault Charges

U.S. district attorneys Tuesday dropped simple assault charges against senior William Kopke stemming from an incident at the Paper Moon restaurant in Georgetown last month.

Metropolitan Police arrested Kopke shortly before midnight Oct. 12 for allegedly striking officer Daniel Godin in the back twice and once on the head, according to a police report. Case manager Cheryl Stewart said the charge of assault on a police officer was downgraded to a misdemeanor simple assault the next day.

Kopke, 21, said Godin assaulted and “wrongly arrested” him after he tried to ask the officer a question. He said he wanted to know if MPD officers had to meet quotas for arrests. Officers at the club that night arrested seven students for underage drinking.

Kopke said Godin took him outside and threw him on the ground, resulting in a broken finger. He has a splint on his finger from a visit to the GW Hospital.

Kopke said his parents flew from him hometown New York to pick him up from jail the next day. He said he does not plan to pursue charges against the officer or file a complaint because he has been found innocent.

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