Forum: Where has all the money gone?

I truly do not think we pay enough to go to GW. The current tuition, housing fees, Student Association fee, Health and Wellness Center fee, “voluntary” library gift – they just are not enough. I believe for the good of this University, they should appoint a special commission to determine how the University can squeeze out just a little more money from each and every student on this campus.

Let’s forget for a moment the fact that our University receives ridiculous amounts of money from GW alumni – and where would we be without them? What would the Marvin Center be if it were just called “The Center” or if Funger Hall was simply named “Ugly, Stone Building”? So their contributions must be going to good causes.

And let’s put aside for the moment the fact that our beloved President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg spends most of his days garnering monetary contributions and donations. My father, coming down for Family Weekend, was delighted that he could attend a dinner with Trachtenberg for a “mere” couple-hundred dollar contribution to GW. But that money must go somewhere it is needed.

And how about the prices in J Street? But wait – if you pay on points, there is no tax! Of course, if anyone has ever seen the price on the cash register screen in J Street, you know that to combat this GW simply raises the prices to exorbitant heights. But I guess the University is still a little short on cash. I was interrogated this evening in J Street for taking two barbecue sauce packets from Chik-Fil-A. Apparently they must be running short on money in J Street – it must be the vast choices students have for food which are forcing GW to “crack-down” on ridiculous freebies like condiments.

So with all of this in mind, I can obviously see why the University would be short of cash. And it is apparent the only way to scrape up enough money to survive would be to charge every student for printing in the library.

I undoubtedly agree that if this fee were not enacted, the University would be in serious financial peril. Forget that we already make a “voluntary” library gift, which is automatically placed on each student’s bill. I think Gelman Library and the University deserve more of our money. That is why along with the tuition hike from last year and new Health and Wellness Center fees, I strongly stand in favor of denying less fortunate students the ability to print papers. I fervently believe in GW’s need for more of its students’ money. There is no reason why we cannot shell out more money for this institution to insure “special privileges” for all of our students, in this case for paper and ink. After all, GW needs the money – we need to keep the condiments free in J Street!

-The writer is a sophomore majoring in international affairs and Judaic studies.

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