Crime Log

Lewd Acts
10/31 – Dakota
A female saw a white male 28-30 years old in a red convertible masturbating.

Damage to Property
11/3 – Ames Hall
No suspects or witnesses Closed

Disorderly Conduct
11/2 – Public property on campus
Referred to SJS Closed

11/2 – Lafayette Hall
Referred to SJS Closed

11/2 – JBKO Hall
Referred to SJS Closed

11/2 – Fall 1999 Hall of Government
Subject enrolled in GW fraudulently to get a student visa. He owes GW $10,000 for the classes in which he was enrolled.
11/3 – International House
Indecent Exposure
11/5 – 620 21st St.

Liquor Law Violation
11/3 – Hall on Virginia Avenue
Referred to SJS Closed

11/4 – Thurston Hall
Referred to SJS Closed

Possession of Drugs
11/5 – Pelham Hall
CLLC conducted an administrative search of a room suspected of having stolen property in it.. A pipe with residue in it was found. A laptop and cellular phone that had been reported stolen were found in the room.
Referred to SJS Closed

11/6 – public property on campus
A female student reported she was robbed at 10:30 p.m. on her way from the Foggy Bottom Metro stop to the Gelman Library, at 23rd Street between H and I streets. The suspect put an object to her back and demanded her wallet. He was described as a white male, 30-40 years in age, 160-180 lbs. and 5 feet 6 inches tall with a goatee.

Sexual Abuse
11/5 – Hall on Virginia Avenue
A female student reported that she was assaulted and forcibly fondled in September of 1999.
Simple Assault
11/5 – Off campus
A person leaving the Paper Moon restaurant witnessed a fight breaking out and was hit by one of the assailants on Oct. 12.
Referred to SJS Closed

11/1 – Off campus
A female reported at 9 a.m. that another person hit her at club Zanzibar. She reported the incident to MPD and is pressing charges.
Referred to MPD

Suspicious Activity/Threats of Bodily Harm
11/5 – Hall on Virginia Avenue
A male student reported that he and his roommate were being threatened with being thrown out the window by their other roommate and that he had jumped on them in their sleep. Open

11/1 – Health and Wellness Center
11/01 – Academic Center
11/02/01-Gelman Library
No suspects or witnesses Closed

11/5 – Building J
No suspects or witnesses Closed.
-compiled by Ross Rapoport.

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