Staff Editorial: Fight Gelman fee

How else can GW squeeze a few more dollars from students’ pockets? No doubt many students think administrators spend long hours pondering this very question. Frankly, we are beginning to think the same thing.

Gelman Library has indicated that it is moving forward with plans to institute a fee for printing on library-owned computers, and other computing administrators are looking into doing the same. While there is no time table set, students should show their disapproval before these fees go into effect.

Add this potential new charge to the Health and Wellness Center fee, the School of Media and Public Affairs fee, the University fee, mandatory meal plans for many on-campus students and a student-initiated Student Association fee and the cost of GW continues to rise. And if the past is any indication, tuition will go up, too.

But with this latest attempt by the University to nickel and dime its students, we can follow the SA’s example and fight back. The SA Senate passed a resolution condemning the library’s planned actions. Now other students can condemn those actions, too, by refusing to give the $50 voluntary library gift. If the fee is implemented, students should save that $50 for printing costs.

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