Letter to the Editor: Saddam’s bug?

I have virtually no doubt that Saddam Hussein supplied the anthrax sent through the U.S. mail with tremendous success to throw as much of possible as life in Washington into chaos.

The single greatest error of military strategy of the 20th century in terms of consequences – American isolationism and refusal to help Europe in World War II before Pearl Harbor – may now be surpassed by George Bush senior’s decision not to kill Hussein when the opportunity arose during the Gulf War. Think of him as Adolf Hitler but with a bigger mustache, greater monomania, a higher IQ and biological weapons.

There is no wish on my part to be pessimistic, but anyone who does not at least admit the possibility of a coming period of hellacious uncertainty and immense human and economic misery, is out of touch with simple facts.

-Stephen Dowling,
Circulation Dept., Gelman Library

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