Letter: Roach residence

I am a resident of JBKO Hall and recently had my first experience with roaches and GW’s pest control services. While I was traumatized at having a roach take up residence under my bag of cotton balls, what was even more disturbing was GW’s response.

After enlisting the help of a friend in killing the enormous bug, my roommates and I proceeded to report the problem to our Office Assistant. He assured us our room would be fumigated in the next two days. When I returned from class later that day, there was the tell tale blue sign that maintenance had been there. However, when I entered the room I did not smell any chemicals, nor did I see any evidence that fumigation had taken place. There were white glue traps in a few places in our room, and I was concerned that this would not be enough.

The blue maintenance card included a number to call with any questions, but when I called Facilities Management, the woman who answered the phone informed me that because I was a student, she could not talk to me. She said I needed to go through either my Community Facilitator – which JBKO does not have – or Property Management. I told her all I wanted to know was what had been done to my room and would it be effective, but she would not give me any information.

Property Management was of course not there at the scheduled time, and I am left not knowing what has really been done about this problem. Other rooms on my floor have roaches, but GW is unwilling to fumigate to correct it. I am appalled that I have to live with two-inch roaches because the University does not want to spend the money or take the time to deal with this properly.

I am also extremely upset with the way facilities treated me when I called to inquire about the problem. I see no reason why I have to go through a middleman, especially when the maintenance slip explicitly said to call the number listed with any questions. I still hope GW will be cooperative and helpful with this situation, but I am not counting on it. It seems to me that a shoe and a can of Raid will be my only defense.

-Kim Sega

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