Letter: In defense of satire

With the way everyone is complaining about Brad Simon’s Oct. 15 cartoon you would think he drew a huge swastika or a Hitler parody. The art of drawing cartoons for a newspaper is to chuckle at the expense of a recognizable person or in this case a recognizable group.

The Jewish population here is in most cases the most recognizable majority just as GW President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg is the most recognizable individual. If our president wrote a complaint every time there was a crack in The Hatchet about him, we would have a full page of dismal protests every time there was a new issue of the paper.

This school as a community has to lighten up and stop searching for reasons to complain or protest. If Simon were to have made a cartoon depicting Catholics in a teasing manner, I can guarantee that I would be the last person to complain. I condone The Hatchet for printing something other than the usual music reviews and sports updates. Hopefully there will be more in the future, no matter who is being teased or targeted as the joke.

I think anyone who has a serious problem with that cartoon should take a look at other school newspapers, and they will see exactly how racy those other papers can be. I am in no way or manner a Nazi or an anti-Semitic person, but I believe if you cannot laugh at yourself, then you do not deserve to laugh at others.

-Tom Cannon

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