Features: Oh, what scary things are seen

Jack o’ Lanterns, spider webs, ghosts and witches are part of the chills and thrills associated with Halloween. The final day in October brings characters found in ghost stories and horror movies to life as people dress up to have a good time.

The spirit of Halloween is in the air as students buy candy, decorations and costumes to wear to Halloween celebrations both on and off the campus.

Witches and warlocks will come out in abundance on the streets of Georgetown Wednesday night, as people enjoy the festivities in the restaurants and on the streets.

Sophomore William Alexander said he struggled down crowded M Street last year dressed as The Rock.

“There were people in all types of costumes and the cops were trying to keep everybody off of the streets,” Alexander said.

Some students said they plan to return to their youth and trick or treat on Embassy Row along Massachusetts Avenue. Others said they will attend a masquerade party at the Waterfront in Southwest.

Freshman Laura Reppert will wear a Brittany Spears schoolgirl outfit when she attends another popular event this Halloween -the Brittany Spears concert at the MCI Center.

Restaurants and dance clubs will also host Halloween parties.

Rumors in Dupont Circle is hosting a party called “Nightmare on M Street” from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Admission is $7 for costumed guests.

Platinum’s Halloween party begins at 10 p.m. It will feature singer Sabrina Paris. Nation also hosts a party Wednesday night at a discounted price of $15 for those dressed for Halloween.

Students said they are preparing for the big night by decorating their rooms and brainstorming original costume ideas.

Freshman Josephine Hagerty said her room looks like a haunted house.

“My roommate has decorated our room with Halloween flags, four pumpkins, eyeball lights, and spooky music can be heard coming from it,” Hagerty said.

Finding the right costume is an integral part of Halloween fun. Some students said they will be dressing up as television and movie characters including G. I. Jane, Superman, Buttercup of the Power Puff Girls and Jennifer Lopez.

“Halloween is a personal excuse to get dressed up,” sophomore Roxann Fournier said.

Other students are finding inexpensive ways to create costumes.

“I am going to the Salvation Army to get a cheap costume,” freshman Aralee Galway said.

Freshman Karinna Arroyo said she will make her own costume with supplies from a crafts store.

Junior Latia Moore said she can create a costume from just about anything. Moore went to Georgetown her freshman year wearing an outfit she made using tape and 10 rolls of aluminum foil.

“I was a futuristic ghetto girl,” Moore said. “I wore pink lipstick, a pink wig, and I was covered with aluminum. People still talk about it.”

Not all students will be able to celebrate this All Hallows Eve. Sophomore Vivek Jayadeva said Halloween will be on his mind while he attends chemistry lab.

“I will be celebrating by pouring chemicals in lab,” Jayadeva said.

Other students said they will stay home on Oct. 31 because of fears raised by the recent anthrax scares.

“I am not going out Wednesday because of anthrax,” freshman Yvonne Underwood said. “There is an e-mail going around saying not to go out for Halloween.”

“I am staying in my room and not going trick or treating because I think there might be anthrax in my bag,” senior Lauren Enlow said.

Freshman Mike Ferrier said he is not worried. Halloween is a time to forget about the stressful aspects of adult life, eat candy and be a kid again, he said.

“It’s all about letting loose and cutting free,” Ferrier said. “You get goodies and get rid of some of the stress.”

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