News Brief: Students face charges after brawl

Five students have court dates for charges stemming from an incident early Oct. 12 at the Paper Moon restaurant in Georgetown, where students were arrested for assault and alcohol-related offenses.

Metropolitan Police officers arrested senior William Kopke for assaulting a police officer on 31st Street near Paper Moon at about midnight last Friday, according to a police report.

The report said Kopke struck MPD officer Daniel Godin in the back twice and once in the head with an open hand and resisted arrest.

Kopke declined to comment.

MPD arrested Nicole Dolsey, Robert Grant and Joseph Miller for underage drinking, and Ian Sandler for disorderly conduct, according to police records.

A student convicted of assault, a felony offense, could face suspension or expulsion from school. Two students have been expelled for incidents involving violent behavior since July, including Sigma Alpha Epsilon member Charles Smith for assaulting a University Police officer Sept. 14 and former basketball player Attila Cosby for violations incurred when he assaulted an alleged prostitute in May 2000, said Robert Chernak, vice president for Student Academic and Support Services. Smith had two prior charges on his University record.

Another Sigma Alpha Epsilon member, John Shannon, was charged Aug. 31 for assaulting an MPD officer at the fraternity’s house.

If referred to Student Judicial Services, underage possession or consumption of alcohol is a minor violation of the University alcohol policy, carrying a $25 fine and mandatory alcohol education. Repeated violation of the policy can result in cancellation of a student’s housing license agreement, suspension or expulsion from school.

-Kate Stepan

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