Letter to the Editor: Cartoon calamity

As a member of the GW community and the Jewish faith, I take personal offense to the cartoon printed in the Oct. 15 edition of The Hatchet. To mention “big, fat, smelly . and Jewish” to refer to the inflatable hippopotamus mascot might be one of the most anti-Semitic remarks I have ever seen in the paper. It is sad to see journalistic integrity clouded by such bigotry. With the current state of world affairs, to call Jews big, fat, smelly hippos is irresponsible in an age when we are supposed to be united and caring. It is cartoons such as this and papers like The Hatchet that print such garbage that perpetuate such anti-Semitic sentiments.

I expect a full apology to the entire Jewish community at GW and all Jews printed in the next issue of The Hatchet. The fact that this excuse of a newspaper is so biased toward certain groups and openly attacks groups of all sorts whose views and opinions differ from the paper’s, shows The Hatchet is a joke of a newspaper.

On another note, I think someone needs to talk to Brad Simon, the cartoonist, about sensitivity and racism. It is views like his that perpetuate hate.

-Andrew Kent

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