GWAC participates in Sunday anti-war protests

Several GW Action Coalition members marched through D.C. streets this weekend, joining thousands of other activists from all over the country who protested U.S. military action in response to Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

“We are calling for peace and the end of racism,” GWAC member Eleiza Braun, a junior, said.

Braun said many D.C. universities in the Student Peace Action Network demonstrated to stop the U.S. government from retaliating with military strikes.

While the group does not support the Taliban, the Islamic fundamentalist organization that controls government in Afghanistan, several GWAC members said they are concerned for the safety of civilians.

“When you do a military anything, innocent people will get killed,” GWAC member Monica Bunton, also a junior, said.

Farley said even if civilians are unharmed in the process of capturing suspected terrorist Osama bin Laden, who may be harbored by the Taliban, people need to speak out against violence to prevent innocent people from getting hurt.

Bunton said the United States should let Afghanistan choose its own form of government.

Farley said terrorism would occur as long as people hate the United States, and the government should be looking at why these terrorist networks exist.

“The United States has rejected a U.N. criminal court (which) means the United States won’t use any means except violent means,” Braun said.

GWAC member Duncan Autray, a senior, said military action will result in more terrorism.

“If you look at the psychology of terrorism, (violence) will make them more angry,” Autray said. “They have been victimized their whole life, let’s bring education and health care systems to them. The U.S. should give humanitarian aid on massive levels.

-Gracie Lhee

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