Crime Log

9/13 – City Hall
On Sept. 22 two female residents reported that someone had left a picture of a dead deer on their door about a week earlier. The women said they previously opened their front door to find trash in the hallway. Open

9/19 – 2100 Pennsylvania Ave.
A local man who applied to GW and was rejected sent harassing e-mails to various GW administration employees. The Secret Service arrested him Sept. 20 at his residence for making e-mail threats against the president of the United States. Closed

9/21 – Hall of Government
An employee in the Hall of Government said he has been receiving profane phone calls and e-mails from a female acquaintance. Open

9/23 FSK Hall

9/24 2034 G St
A student reported that unknown persons at the Sigma Phi Epsilon house had hung a banner out the window bearing his name. The banner read “Who is Jared David?” The student also reported that a group of unknown students showed up at a house at 2004 G St. to initiate a fight.

Liquor Law Violations
9/20 Thurston Hall
Referred to SJS Closed

9/22 Guthridge Hall
Referred to SJS Closed

9/22 Dakota Apartments
Referred to SJS Closed

9/22 Mitchell Hall
Referred to SJS Closed

9/22 Dakota Apartments
Referred to SJS Closed

9/23 Thurston Hall
Referred to SJS Closed

9/23 New Hall
Referred to SJS Closed

Disorderly Conduct
9/20 Media and Public Affairs building
During the production of CNN’s “Crossfire,” five GW students stood up with anti-war banners. They were removed from the auditorium.
Referred to SJS Closed

9/23 1100 block New Hampshire Ave.
Public space. Non-GW. Closed

Lewd/obscene behavior
9/21 – Bell Hall
A GW professor entered a fourth-floor men’s bathroom room at 7:46 p.m. and found two males, one Asian and one white, engaging in oral sex. The men pulled up their pants and ran out. Closed

Simple Assault
9/21 – 2000 block. G St.
At 11 p.m., two male students and one female student were walking north on 21st Street, when one of the males was bumped by one of two males walking the opposite way. A shoving match ensued among all five people. The original three students ran into the UPD office, and one of them tripped and smashed the glass in the front door with his hand. When they reported the incident, they said they saw the two suspects run into a fraternity house at 22nd and G streets. Referred to MPD

9/24 Mitchell Hall
A student in Mitchell Hall reported that at 9:15 a.m., an unknown person running past him in the east stairwell of the building had elbowed him in the small of his back. He did not know what prompted the attack, and was not injured. Open

Suspicious Activity
09/24/01 Marvin Center
A female student reported that she was in the 4th floor lounge when an unknown male sat down near her and put his hand on his crotch. After 20 minutes, the student felt uncomfortable and left. Open
-Compiled by Ross Rapoport

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