Letter to the Editor: Family matters

Thank you for covering the Attila Cosby trial and providing access to it online. I reside in Philadelphia and at times was not able to get news coverage of it.

I also write to inform you that you have only mentioned one aspect of Cosby’s family in the article “Ruling stuns Cosby family, supporters” (Sept. 20, p. 1). The sentencing affects another important little person in Cosby’s life: his oldest son, Vaughn, who is two years old. The words of U.S. District Court Judge Neal Kravitz will have an affect, which I cannot begin to describe, on so many. I may not have been at the trial physically, but Cosby does know I am here for him.

Please do not insinuate that 16-month-old Malik is Cosby’s only child. He is the only child living around the D.C. /Maryland area.

From this verdict and sentencing, I hope that many will learn that being an athlete and a “superstar” does not absolve you from the law. My son may not be fully aware of what is going on, which is best at this time, but I know he can sense something has gone amiss. When the time comes, he will know, and I can only pray he does not follow Cosby’s example. I doubt my son will because of the love and guidance Vaughn receives.

-Faith Snowden

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