Op-Ed: Wrong to protest realiation for terror

Tuesday, everyone in America and around the world witnessed a horrific event that will surely change the course of American history. It was an event that took more American lives in one day than the attack on Pearl Harbor, and possibly any other battle America has fought since the Civil War. The cowards that perpetrated this terrible act and the countries that harbor and support them should be punished. This was an act of war brought on by an uncivilized group of people who hate peace, freedom and democracy.

The past few days have also seen an outpouring of American spirit and unification. It has been a time for people to come together and form a national unity of every faith, ethnic background and political affiliation. That is why I was angered as I walked through campus on Thursday night and saw posters by the George Washington Action Coalition (GWAC) saying they would “strongly stand against any military retaliation on the part of the United States.”

While a decision has not been made regarding the response America will pursue, GWAC has already taken it upon themselves to denounce the use of force. We are at war, and it is a war where the enemy has no face. The United States must take steps to protect our national security so an event of this magnitude does not happen again.

GWAC advocates working towards peace. I believe that is the sentiment of everyone in America and around the world. However, this was an act done by cowards that destroyed the peace that we revere. I know our leaders will take appropriate action to ensure our peace and liberty are not infringed upon again. Whether the means is military action or diplomatic negotiations, it is our duty as Americans to unite around our leaders and our country.

I urge those groups, regardless of the action our country takes, not to protest or bring dissention to campus or the community during a time in which we need to unite. This is not the 1960s and the Vietnam War. This was an attack against the U.S on our home soil. We must take action that will ensure the events of Sept. 11 are not repeated. Those who would choose to speak out and bring division to the community instead of unification should ask themselves whether or not they can truly call themselves Americans.

-The writer, a member of the class of 2001, is former chair of the GW College Republicans.

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