Op-Ed: America will survive terrorist attacks

A play-by-play account of Tuesday’s activities seems almost insensitive. We all heard the details hundreds of times over. We all felt the pain, the shock, the terror and the amazement as we gathered around our televisions. The once-conceived invincible nation was under attack. The United States, much like the rest of the world has in the past, felt terrorism strike home.

Although we now share disaster stories with other countries, we must realize how differently our country handled the events. Americans stayed strong. Chaos rang out in New York City, but New Yorkers remained under control. Instead of trampling each other or looting stores, Americans ran as quickly as possible to aid the injured. A community on the verge of falling apart came together in a matter of moments.

We all have our petty differences, and peace, love and happiness do not result from one incident. But if there is one thing we can learn from Tuesday’s events, it is that we are all still Americans. We fight for the same cause – humanity. Even in our darkest moments, we reach out to others, angry only because the only means of helping is to stand in line for seven hours to donate just one pint of blood. Feelings of helplessness prevailed as many could not find a way to get to Arlington, Va., to help make sandwiches for rescue workers at the Pentagon.

I have never been prouder to be a GW student than I am today. As classes resumed and professors took the lead, we all came together and showed our true “human” side. Professors and students alike offered as much emotional support as possible. The incredible vigil held Wednesday brought everyone that much closer to the pain and suffering endured by those around us. After seeing the community effort put forth by our University, I feel confident we will recover from this. I can assure you, as one nation, we will emerge stronger than ever. Take care of yourselves, and by all means, take care of your neighbors.

– The writer is a junior majoring in marketing.

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