Letter to the Editor: Protests worthwhile

In response to Josh Greenbaum’s article “Protests Lack Focus” (Sept. 6, p. 5), I would like to defend the activists on campus working toward social change.

He assumed that because student activists attend seminars and teach-ins on how to be an effective protester, that they were not “staunch” in their beliefs. These teach-ins and special training sessions do not discredit an activist’s knowledge about social ills that occur daily. To be an effective protester, you need to be educated and aware of how to mobilize as a group and be heard. These techniques take time. But with such training, student protesters become an even more professional and legitimate force fighting social injustice.

Before criticizing the lack of direction, it is imperative to recognize that students are doing something positive by bringing these issues to light. Students protesting reaches far beyond GW’s campus. They are reaching out to the global community and for that, they deserve our praise and support.

-Lisa de Saxe

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