Protests Come to GW: Bring on protesters

Soon thousands of strangers will descend upon Washington to sing songs and bang drums over globalization. Although some of this may interrupt your scheduled resume building, do not sweat.

At this protest, you will find people advocating all sorts of crazy things. There will be semi-educated youth shouting slogans with abbreviations you may not understand. Men with mortgages will mutter to each other “why don’t the cops just shoot them?” Protestors will say “2468….Why make this a police state?” Major papers will play to the public with leads concerning nose rings and dreadlocks.

There might be violence. D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams will hand press conferences over to Metropolitan Police Chief Charles Ramsey. Uneducated people will accuse others of being uneducated. People will scream at each other and hang signs in windows.

But when everyone leaves, and the police pack up the barricades, everything will be as it was before. I hope.

-Justin Petrone,

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