Letter to the Editor: Sporting suggestion

A couple of friends and I decided to go to the Sunday, Sept. 2 GW soccer game at Georgetown University. Our determined me soccer players were eager to bring the D.C. Cup home. However, when we sat down on the bleachers to enjoy GW’s spirit and athleticism, our side of the bleachers was pretty much empty. Have people become either so busy or downright lazy not to attend GW sporting events? Should we not encourage our fellow classmates and colonials to victory?

Even with the publicized Basketball games, we still do not fill up the house. When I asked friends why they did not attend, they said they had no clue as to when or where sporting events are being held. This I agreed with and justified. If I did not have friends on the soccer team, I would not have known, as well. Perhaps, the problem lies not only on the lack of school spirit but in the lack of information. It has even come to the point that even my own roommate asked me if we were the GW hippos!

I suggest that The Hatchet place on the front page a small blurb on where and when games of the week will be played. It does not have to be that big, just accessible. This way perhaps more GW students will be able to fill up the bleachers just as other students did and generally do on the opposite team.

-Cristina M. Craig

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